Nothing in ABID is designed to change the things which already work in the way jobs have been pitched and awarded for decades. ABID was designed by professionals who have spent the vast bulk of their careers in the production and post communities and as such, respect the traditional relationships between agencies, their clients, independent sales reps, production, and post. Our guiding philosophy is to respect the important role that the marketer’s partners play in translating the needs of their clients to the producers of marketing media and vice-versa. ABID is not a crowd-sourcing tool, it is intended to be used by the advertiser’s partners in defining bid specs, reviewing proposals, and working with the bid pool they have identified for the project to achieve the best creative for the brand.


Tools exist within the platform for marking creative recommends and you display and explain the rationales for these decisions to your clients using ABID’s custom presentation tools. Composite budgets for the entire process can be assembled and reviewed along with agency and talent costs to provide a simplified preview of the traditional triple column estimates with clarity and ensure ease of communication between you and your client while erasing some of the unfortunate skepticism and distrust that has often plagued the industry.


Additionally, ABID’s spec form is based on the traditional industry approach to spec-ing out work and was built with input from both the production community and agency professionals. The spec provides an easy road map for defining the bid parameters to your production and post partners with flexibility to accommodate additional parameters as needed. The primary structure of ABID’s spec form is taken directly from the forms which you have traditionally supplied your production and post partners and contain helpful cues for advertisers to understand what the spec requests and why those requests are necessary. And of course, you always have the ability to simply upload your own spec forms if you prefer.


Nothing within ABID’s form is intended to replace or make redundant your role in the process. To the contrary, the goal of ABID is to provide you with additional tools to help you explain and illuminate your decision making on behalf of your clients and to give your clients a window into the expertise you provide as professionals to adequately source work on their behalf.

ABID also simplifies the sharing of information both during the pitch, and after award through production and all the way to delivery. You can simply upload docs or alter specifications freely once for all concerned, without worrying that the information isn’t being communicated in a timely fashion to everyone who needs to have it. Additionally, you can now award overages, review and accept (or revise) cost-plus actuals, issue kill fees and add the agency’s (or anyone else’s) costs during production. And, of course, there is no prohibition on internal agency production and post vendors submitting just like any other bidder.

ABID is designed to streamline your process as much as anyone’s. The ABID team is made up of production professionals who stand ready to help where possible and investigate ways to improve your workflow by developing new features in consultation with you.