ABID’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use were drafted specifically to comply with the language of the AICP’s Non-Disclosure Agreement for Bid Portals. No other online system has been specifically designed to safeguard bidder privacy the way ABID has.

Each bidder’s data is stored only in that bidder’s own, silo-ed database and shared dynamically with the advertiser and their agency or cost consultant through the tool. Once an estimate for a specific phase of production is awarded, all other estimate data are perpetually removed from view. No data is transferred out of the bidder’s database during the pitch process. Once awarded, the advertiser retains any presented PDFs and visibility of the data values in the awarded estimate(s) only and has the ability to download a simplified text-only version of the bid - a file which contains no math, percentages, formulas or other IP. Copying and pasting from the site are specifically disabled during review to block data mining.


The platform includes many protections for bidders to safeguard against practices such as selective information sharing and ensures that all bidders receive the same job details at the same time. Changes to the provided information (including any additions to the bid pool or other spec changes) are immediately shared with all bidders via email and are instantly reflected on the bidders’ dashboards.

Additionally, bidders can withdraw bids from consideration by marking them void so as to ensure that the wrong bid is not awarded and bidders are informed whether any bidders in the bid pool are in-house agency entities or affiliated with the holding company or the marketer. At the direction of the advertiser, bidders will always know at least the number of other bidders in the pool, if not the names of those bidders as well.


ABID’s spec form was designed by industry professionals spanning all phases of production and post. The spec is designed to give agency producers and cost consultants the tools they need to provide thorough information regarding the job to those who have to bid it, thereby ensuring that what is bid reflects what is requested.


As a bidder, you do not bid within the ABID platform, instead you continue to bid in the software of your choice and with the forms you have always used. You will also be presenting the bid the way you always have – formatted as you like and carrying any additional language or disclaimers which you normally would. Once a bid is ready for presentation, along with the normal PDF of your proposal and treatment, you export a simple text file from your bid software and use your own template to upload into your company’s private, silo-ed database hosted by the platform. ABID supports native exports from Showbiz, Hot Budget, Jiffy Bid, Microsoft Excel, ActualizeIt, Farmer’s Wife, Go2Bid, CETA and NIM, among others. Additionally, any program which can output either an excel file or a .CSV file can upload into ABID. There is no need to input any information twice – the platform simply takes the text values from your bid verbatim. And while ABID supports industry standards for bidding such as AICP & legacy AICE lines, it does not require their use. Whatever structure you normally present in is the structure the advertiser and their agency will receive.