The AICP Bid form has long been the gold standard for articulating the financial approach to a production. And now, there’s ABID. It’s a new platform where, once you are selected to pitch, advertisers and their partners share the budget and timeline directly with you online, and all bidders get the exact same specs. Your bid is viewed directly by the advertiser and their authorized partners, though no other bidders can see your numbers or treatment. You’re allowed to see the bidding pool and any changes to the spec in real time. And best of all, there’s no need to change the way you bid or your bidding software. ABID works seamlessly with all of the major bidding software packages.

Once the job is awarded, advertisers are still able to access the selected bid while all others are removed. This gives the advertiser a more realistic history of their true expenditures. It's a new way of presenting built on transparency, privacy, efficiency and creativity. Your vision into the pitch process is heightened immeasurably without changing the way you, your reps, or your agency partners approach presenting and you retain a precise record of your entire process and all presented materials. Smart!