What is ABID?

ABID is the new bidding platform from AICP where advertisers post a project and companies bid directly online. It’s production and post-production all in one ecosystem.

Who can subscribe to ABID?

Advertisers subscribe to ABID for the most private and comprehensive bidding platform that creates healthy competition.

Who can I invite to collaborate through ABID?

ABID allows you to invite agency partners and cost consultants in addition to those bidding your project.

Can agencies and cost consultants use ABID?

Advertisers invite all partners of their choosing to engage with them in the system.

Who can see my bid?

Only advertisers and their partners can view bids, but others in the bidding pool cannot. To your competition, your bid remains private. You can see the bidding pool itself, but that’s it. And once the job is awarded, only the selected approach remains.

What does ABID cost?

ABID annual subscriptions come in a three-tiered system to suit your specific needs as a one-time yearly payment. There is also a a month-to-month option for those who wish to only use the system sporadically.

Do you have to be an AICP member to bid through ABID?

You do not have to be an AICP member to bid through ABID. Anyone bidding work on a job can engage through the system by invitation from the advertiser, including agency in-house entities.

Is ABID a bidding platform?

You don’t bid in ABID, you bid through ABID. It’s the most comprehensive bid presentation platform that has been designed to work with all existing common production bidding software so bidders do not have to change their systems or process in order to use it.

Is ABID a portal?

No. ABID does not transfer any data from one entity to another. It dynamically presents the data for review within the ABID platform using ABID’s review tools.

What sorts of bids does ABID support?

ABID supports all common bidding platforms including:

  • Excel (Hot Budget, Point Zero, etc)
  • Showbiz
  • Xytech
  • ActualizeIt
  • Farmer’s Wife
  • 4D
  • CETA
  • NIM
  • Studio Suite

How does ABID provide a level playing field?

Since advertisers post their job specs directly, bidders all get the exact same information and the same amount of time to create their approach to the project. And changes to job specifications are posted for all bidders simultaneously.

Can I still bid using my normal software?

ABID works with most major bidding software, so no need to change what you are used to using.

How does ABID protect my data?

Once a job is awarded ABID removes all data except for the selected bid and the true cost of the project. Only the advertiser retains access to this and only through ABID. No one else can see your bid during the bidding process nor after.

Will my bid data be aggregated our shared with others?

ABID offers complete privacy. Your bid data is not aggregated, sold or shared outside the system with anyone other than the advertiser and other chosen partners at any point. Partners can only be invited to share on a job by job basis.